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This website is all about filling up my free time and trying to share my pictures with you.
I started in 1982 on december 15 building up my vision and it was only in August 2009 when I shot my first picture with a borrowed digital reflex camera (Canon Eos 50D). It was an amazing experience, and without knowing I had 2468 pictures in just a few weeks, with at least 4 good pictures and lots of deleting.

A year later I bought my own DSLR and I decided to go a bit deeper and shoot manually (M): woohhoooo, risky (yes I know). Burned out and unfocused pictures where my first results. But I kept on trying. And as they say: “Practice makes perfect!”. But that\’s not really true: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” You first have to practice at practicing (I heard it from a wise man). So I decided to read some (very usefull) books, watched youtube, took a very nice course (ty Thierry), and so on.

I’m still trying every day to improve my vision and create the pictures that are already in my head